1. Automatic control system of 260T production line of tianshan flour mill in changji island, xinjiang
This system adopts Siemens PLC S7 414-2 dp, WAGO distribution formula using two PROFIBUS field bus station control, equipment control and remote monitoring, data acquisition using S7 226 PLC and exchange data with 414 PLC, with Siemens WINCC configuration software realize the modern visual management of production control and remote monitoring.
2. Transform and control management system of flour workshop of baiyan group, guangdong province
The system USES mitsubishi Q02 PLC and a 226 Siemens PLC control and data acquisition equipment, through the CC - LINK, profibus-dp communication methods to achieve silo with two flour workshop cross data sharing and equipment control.
3. Automatic control system of rice workshop of the 3rd grain depot of shenyang grain food bureau
The system adopts Siemens 315-2pn/DP, and the upper computer software USES the group state wang to carry out equipment monitoring and data report statistics. Using 484, the DP gateway and various instrument communication, read production data.
4. Automatic control system of 500T production line of nanshun flour mill, qingzhou, shandong
In this system, Siemens S7 315-2pn/DP PLC was adopted to control and data collection of the PROFIBUS fieldbus and BECKHOFF distribution station. PC with Siemens WINCC configuration software and start using the material management system based new operating mode, implement material management system, traffic data and equipment such as scales, packaging scales chain operation. Using the humanized and diversified operation mode, the manual operation error is avoided and the operation flow is simplified.
5. Automatic control system of 2000T production line of zhonghe nanshun powder factory
The system adopts Siemens S7 315-2pn/DP PLC, and the equipment control and data acquisition are carried out using PROFIBUS fieldbus and Siemens ET200SP distribution. With Siemens WINCC configuration software, the upper computer USES the new operation mode based on the material management system to realize the data of material management system, flow scale, packaging scale and other data and equipment chain operation. Using the humanized and diversified operation mode, the manual operation error is avoided and the operation flow is simplified. The on-site control switch access PLC system can remotely view the location of the field switch and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.
6. Automatic control system of Texas starch production line in China textile group
This system using the latest development of wireless mobile terminal (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) control system, in addition to the general configuration of automatic control, join now very popular wireless intelligent terminal, make workshop workers and managers can look at the production data anytime and anywhere or control equipment. This control method can also eliminate the field control box and simplify the wiring to save investment cost.
7. The automatic control system of the 100,000 tons of vegetable oil reserves in lujiang, anhui branch, anhui branch
The hardware part USES Siemens S7 315-2pn/DP PLC, and the instrument USES the E+H liquid level meter, multi-point thermometer, gear flow meter, etc. The upper machine USES the configuration king to realize automatic control, automatic measurement, temperature liquid level and other data to be stored in the database, which can be used to view historical data and curves at any time.


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