Zhengzhou skill point industrial co., LTD is by many years engaged in the development and application of automation control system, grain and oil food engineering in the aspects of technology, senior engineering and technical personnel, is relying on in henan university of technology (the former zhengzhou grain college) research technology-oriented enterprises, is set branch, industry and trade in one of the high-tech entities.
As the company is mainly engaged in grain and oil food industry automation and information construction, business areas cover the flour mills, rice plant, grain reserve, starch factory, feed factory, water environment control, material conveying system, the electric and automatic control system of automatic sorting system design and a full set of turnkey project, as well as the comprehensive utilization of by-products of food processing project of scientific research, engineering design, engineering installation and debugging, the new product development, personnel training, etc.
Company based on high-tech, focusing on market development, with the Italian Oakley's Prima Limited, Singapore and other foreign famous enterprises have long-term cooperation, introducing some advanced foreign technology in domestic, for our country economy development and the progress of science and technology has made a positive contribution
Company in line with "quality, integrity, pragmatic, innovative" business philosophy, in good faith, by the user, service home, faith win-win partners, mutual benefit and development of staff harmony, let it go, offer innovative, never satisfied, the future for more than a decade, with a new business model and strong corporate culture, constantly transcend self, has established good cooperative relations with the masses of users.
Business philosophy: always committed to customer satisfaction and further
Corporate mission: to contribute to society and serve humanity
Management philosophy: customers are our eternal partners; Respect and encourage each employee's ability and creativity; To create the most intelligent and high-quality electrical control;


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